Why Novacool


Why Novacool UEF?

1. Most cost-effective fire suppressant on the market!

2. Extinguishes A, B, D and K fires and 3D fires; cools, blankets, and emulsifies surfaces; eliminates possibility of re-ignition

3. Usable with eductors, injectors, CAFS, or batch mixed; non-corrosive: no adverse effects on tanks, pumps, valves, and portioning equipment

4. Works effectively when mixed with fresh, brackish, or sea water; eliminates run-off and water damage

5. Non-toxic, biodegradable, UL Listed, EPA “Approved”

6. Manufactured entirely in the U.S.A.

How Does Novacool UEF Work?

Novacool UEF is a mixture of anionic, nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants that works in three ways to extinguish a fire. It reduces the surface tension of water to improve the penetrating ability of water; it vastly improves the heat transfer from the fuel into water; and it reduces fuel vapor pressure by emulsifying class B materials at the fuel surface.

Most fire suppressants extinguish a fire by coating it and robbing it of oxygen, which is less than optimal because this allows the fire to potentially re-ignite. Novacool UEF is different. Novacool UEF works by combining with water and reducing water’s surface tension, which allows the water to develop a high surface area relevant to the mass it’s hitting. This high surface area to mass allows for a very rapid and efficient heat transfer from the object to the water. This transfer results in quick extinguishment and rapid cooling. Cooling helps to prevent fire re-ignition.

One gallon of Novacool UEF will treat 250 gallons of water to create an effective foam substance. It is more concentrated than other commonly used firefighting agents, so less is needed to contain and extinguish a fire. This also results in less water use. Novacool UEF is released through a dispensing agent that automatically combines it with water at 0.4%, so it is convenient to use.

How Does Novacool Compare to Other Firefighting Agents?

Ability to extinguish fires of:

Material                      Water                          AFFF                           Novacool

Class A Yes No Yes
Class B No Yes Yes
Class D No No Yes
3-D Fire No No Yes
Pressurized Fire No No Yes
Typical Duration of Foam Operation
AFFF 3% typical 15 gallon storage tank @ 125 gal/ min flow = 4 min
AFFF 6% typical 15 gallon storage tank @ 125 gal/ min flow = 2 min
Novacool UEF 0.4% typical storage tank @ 125 gal/ min flow = 30 min
What Kinds of Benefits does Novacool UEF Provide?

Novacool provides benefits for firefighters. • Extinguishes A, B, D and K fires • Effectively extinguishes 3D fires, decreasing unsafe firefighting conditions • “Triple Action” formula cools, blankets, and emulsifies surfaces • Creates a rapid cooling effect, decreasing unsafe firefighting conditions • Works effectively when mixed with fresh, brackish, or sea water Novacool provides benefits for fire departments. • Most cost effective fire suppressant on the market • Low portioning rate of 0.4% with water • No additional equipment purchase necessary • No additional equipment purchase necessary • Non-corrosive: no adverse effects on tanks, pumps, valves, and portioning equipment • UL Listed

What Kinds of Benefits does Novacool UEF Provide?

Novacool provides benefits for property owners.
• Quick extinguishing ability and strength of Novacool minimizes water damage
• Coating and cooling effects minimize fire re-ignition
• Proportioning equipment minimizes fire department prep time.
• Quicker extinguishment equals less fire and smoke damage overall

Novacool provides benefits for the environment.
• Non-toxic and biodegradable
• No EPA or DOT reportable ingredients; exceeds EPA guidelines
• Does not contain any nonylphenolexthoxylates (NPE’s) or glycol ethers
• Reduced runoff and water damage

How is Novacool UEF Better for the Environment?

Most currently-used fire suppressants (specifically AFFFs) contain fluorochemical surfactants, Perfluorooctyl sulfates (PFOS), and Perfluorooctylbetaines that can oxidize to Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). PFOA and PFOS do not degrade, which often leads to contamination of groundwater supplies and failure of wastewater treatment systems. These fluorosurfactants are persistent in the environment, and testing has shown them to be bioaccumulative. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been investigating these aqueous, film-forming compounds because of their environmental buildup and damage to our valuable resources.

Novacool UEF does not contain PFOA or PFOS, NPEs, or glycol ethers. Novacool was tested by CH2M Hill in Corvallis, Oregon for aquatic toxicity and biodegradability and was shown not to cause toxic buildup or pollute groundwater. Novacool exceeds EPA guidelines and provides an environmentally responsible alternative to harsh extinguishers that pollute valuable resources in our environment.

Because Novacool UEF is powerful yet environment-friendly, it assists in water preservation and helps prevent water pollution. With Novacool, less chemicals are used and less water is used, which also results in less erosive runoff and less water damage to property. Makers of Novacool want to assist firefighters in helping to protect water, land, and other precious resources while extinguishing fires quickly and effectively.

Who Makes Novacool UEF?

The Novacool line of fire extinguishing products is manufactured by Baum’s Castorine Co., Inc. located in Rome, NY since 1879. Baum’s has been developing and manufacturing firefighting products since 1980 for third party marketers under their brand. In 2005, Baum’s ceased production of firefighting foams for third parties and began to manufacture and market its own brand of Fire Suppression Foams under the name of Novacool. Baum’s joined forces with Poland & Sons, LLC., a division of Ray Poland & Sons, Inc., located in Kennewick, WA since 1947. Ray Poland & Sons, Inc. is a multifaceted company that specializes in general contracting, industrial maintenance, and civil and mechanical engineering for customers such as the U.S. Army, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Boise Cascade Corporation. With each company’s skills and specialties, Baum’s and Poland and Sons were able to develop the most technologically advanced total solutions for firefighting.
All ingredients in Baum’s Novacool UEF are from the U.S. and manufactured in the U.S. Novacool UEF is UL tested and approved. Baum’s Castorine Co. is environmentally conscious and prides itself in having environmentally accountable products. More information on Novacool UEF’s manufacture and environmentally sound qualities is available on the Novacool website, www.novacoolfire.com.

 Why is it Necessary to Act Now?

You’ve heard the saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Unfortunately, this is not the case with current firefighting agents. Current methods are sub-par, and this product presents the opportunity for outstanding results. Novacool UEF is effective, revolutionary, economically sound, and environmentally safe.

Many fire departments are beginning to take advantage of the benefits Novacool UEF offers, and they’ve given Novacool UEF great reviews. Novacool UEF can actually make the job of firefighting much easier and produce good results.


All of Baum’s Novacool products are guaranteed to be stable and usable for a period of 15 (fifteen) years from date of manufacturing. This warranty is extended to all Baum’s Novacool UEF 0.4%, AFFF 1%, AFFF 3%, AFFF-AR 1% and AFFF-AR 3% stored in original, sealed factory containers and approved fire apparatus chemical storage tanks, stored in acceptable storage facilities away from oxygen enriched environment and direct light.
For acceptable, long term storage, please visit our web sitewww.novacoolfire.com or by calling us directly.

Applicaton methods

Various applications methods could be utilized in usage of the Novacool UEF 0.4%. Typical methods are as follows:
• Batch mixing 1 : 250 for class A fires
• Batch mixing 1: 200 for class B, D, and K fires
• Mechanical proportioners
• Pressure balanced proportioners
• Electronic metering devices

The end user should utilize a typical fire fighting methods during fire fighting activities. If needed Baum’s Castorine Co., Inc. Can train individual fire departments, instructors and military entities as necessary with the best guidelines/ practices for utilizing the Novacool UEF 0.4% fire fighting foam in order to obtain a maximum benefit of this remarkable technology.