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This web site has been established to provide readers with useful information regarding Baum's Novacool line of fire extinguishing and cooling products. Emphasis has been placed on Baum's Novacool UEF, Novacool A and WLF. These are the latest generation of the most technologically advanced fire fighting products on the market today.

Each potential user of Baum's Novacool products will have their own particular product interest and requirements. Very thorough information relating to fire fighting, safety, and environmental concerns are contained in the pages of this website.

We offer a complete line of firefighting foams specifically designed to meet the most challenging fires, CAFS, nozzles, and eductors.

Why Novacool?

Inquiry about becoming a dealer for the Novacool line of products should be directed to info@novacoolfirecom

Why Novacool UEF?
1. Most cost-effective fire suppressant on the market!
2. Extinguishes A, B, D and K fires and 3D fires; cools, blankets, and emulsifies surfaces; eliminates possibility of re-ignition
3. Usable with eductors, injectors, CAFS, or batch mixed; non-corrosive: no adverse effects on tanks, pumps, valves, and portioning equipment
4. Works effectively when mixed with fresh, brackish, or sea water; eliminates run-off and water damage
How Does Novacool UEF Work?
Novacool UEF is a mixture of anionic, nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants that works in three ways to extinguish a fire. It reduces the surface tension of water to improve the penetrating ability of water; it vastly improves the heat transfer from the fuel into water; and it reduces fuel vapor pressure by emulsifying class B materials at the fuel surface.
What Kinds of Benefits does Novacool UEF Provide?
Novacool provides benefits for firefighters. • Extinguishes A, B, D and K fires • Effectively extinguishes 3D fires, decreasing unsafe firefighting conditions • “Triple Action” formula cools, blankets, and emulsifies surfaces • Creates a rapid cooling effect, decreasing unsafe firefighting conditions • Works effectively when mixed with fresh, brackish, or sea water Novacool provides benefits for fire departments. • Most cost effective fire suppressant on the market
What Kinds of Benefits does Novacool UEF Provide?
Novacool provides benefits for property owners.
• Quick extinguishing ability and strength of Novacool minimizes water damage
• Coating and cooling effects minimize fire re-ignition
• Proportioning equipment minimizes fire department prep time.
• Quicker extinguishment equals less fire and smoke damage overall


Evaluation of Water Additives for Fire Control

The Fire Protection Research Foundation [an affiliate of the National Fire Protection Association] conducted a scientific assessment of water additives for their effect on fire suppression and vapor mitigation on class B [2 dimensional and 3 dimensional] fires in fixed installations. Baum’ s Castorine Co. Inc. was asked to participate with Novacool UEF. Novacool UEF was selected because of its known effects on class B fires and being a Fluorine free agent.

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Class A Foam: The Smart Thing To Do

I don't know anyone who enjoys going to the dentist. The goal is to get in there, get the job done, and get out as soon as possible. Structure fires should be viewed the same way.Novacool protects exposures by reducing the surface tension of water, improving its ability to penetrate fuels and to increase their moisture content.Novacool protects exposures by reducing the surface tension of water, improving its ability to penetrate fuels and to increase their moisture content.

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Novacool UEF 0.4% Magnesium extinguishment

Weather Conditions: Showers and cool air temperatures.Five tests were conducted for an audience composed of fire and safety officials from Canadian Atlantic Provinces, for several Canadian oil refineries and emergency services personnel. The attendees manned fire hoses. The event took place at the Nova Scotia Firefighters School in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Environmental Statement

Our commitment to environmental awareness and preservation is reflected throughout our business. Maintaining a clean environment and conserving our natural resources are issues that concern us all. We all desire to have clean air, safe water and adequate resources. We are committed to conducting business in a manner that manages environmental issues responsibly. We are fulfilling this commitment by:

• Complying with environmental regulations
• Conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner
• Pursuing continuous improvement in our environmental performance
• Clearly communicating environmental policy, practices, and impact to interested parties

We should reduce our consumption of resources to levels reasonably needed. As the environmental stewards, we support this mission.


Extensive scientific research has shown that low levels of materials from the perfluorooctanyl chemistry are widespread in the environment, including living organisms, and they persist for long periods of time. PFOS (perfluorooctanyl sulfonate), together with PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid), has been used to make aqueous film forming foam (AFFF), a component of fire fighting foams, and alcohol type concentrate foams. Baum’s Castorine ceased production of AFFF’s until new technology is developed to address the environmental concerns..